Wells Fargo Team Joins Kingsview in Woodbury, New York

Wells Fargo Team Joins Kingsview in Woodbury, New York

Four Advisors from Wells Fargo Join Kingsview

Today, Kingsview Asset Management welcomed four new partners to our coalition. Managing well over $200,000,000 in assets at Wells Fargo Advisors, Jonathan Millman, Ian Millman, Mario Veneroso and Alan Yakuboff are the founding partners of Kingsview’s Woodbury, New York office.

The four advisors are joined by Jill Hoenings, the office’s Licensed Senior Branch Administrator. This was an easy decision for all, as all four advisors have defined their careers by offering superior client service, sophisticated financial planning and consistent advice.

Kingsview is a go-to choice for client centric financial advisors who are tired of the low touch, high cost model of the traditional wirehouse. Kingsview’s exclusive Fiduciary Freedom partner model is designed around our refreshingly simple mission statement: Elevating the Standard of Care. The firm and its Partner Advisors find commonality on an understanding that the industry has repeatedly done poorly by clients. Kingsview is dedicated to a no nonsense, knowledge first approach to client education and engagement.

The Woodbury, New York office focuses on clients with a wealth preservation mindset. The office serves as a client’s “CFO” and delivers a boutique service offering that executes on a holistic plan: investment management, goal based financial planning, cash management and legacy planning.

“Kingsview could not be more excited to welcome four great advisors as partners in our firm. Our brand and our client service ethic speak to good people, who want to do good things for those they value. It is our hope to continue to exceed client expectations and reestablish the role of the trusted fiduciary in this industry,” said Sean McGillivray, the firm’s Chief Operating Officer.

Kingsview’s Woodbury office can be found at 1000 Woodbury Rd, Suite 404, Woodbury, NY 11797 and can be reached at (516) 515-1961. Click here for more information on the office.