CIO Scott Martin Interviewed on Fox News 12.28.21 Pt 1

CIO Scott Martin Interviewed on Fox News 12.28.21 Pt 1

Kingsview CIO Scott martin discusses the topic of vaccination and how it is affecting the job sector.

Program: Fox Business Tonight
Date: 12/28/2021
Station: Fox Business News
Time: 5:00PM

BRIAN BRENBERG: Well, here now is Scott Martin, Kingsview Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer, he’s also a Fox Business contributor. Scott, great to see you. I got to tell you, I get really nervous when you’re blending penalties for unvaccinated people in terms of not being able to work. Plus unemployment benefits to pay them to stay out of work. This sounds to me like labor market wreckage, Scott. Is that how you see it?

SCOTT MARTIN: Yeah. Labor market, I guess rigging, really, Brian, and you’re right. I mean, so we complain about the fact that the government is forcing vaccines on folks, especially in the public sector, maybe the FAA and so forth. But then we’re going to want the government to get involved for those who don’t get vaccinated and then lose their jobs because of it. And there’s 10 million jobs, by the way, open in this country that are waiting for somebody to walk into him. And for somebody, Bryan, that again, I like your your take, though, in the segment about how it should be up to people’s choice, but you have to factor in all the consequences of such. I mean, I’m I’m double vaxxed. I’m boosted. I’ve been drinking out the toilet, by the way, for about three weeks now, so I am totally, totally protected from this, from this variant. But the reality is, I’m doing that because I make the choice and because I do want to come to work and I do want to be able to fly and things like that just in case something changes. And I think people need to take that information to heart before they make the decision on their job.

BRENBERG: You know it just to me, it’s crazy when you’ve got so many jobs available, you’ve got people who want to work. They probably have natural immunity. And instead of giving them the shot and letting people solve it at a local level, we’ve got all these conflicting policies that end up with people on the sidelines and unemployment benefits, frankly, that governments can’t afford, and that end up rewarding the wrong behavior. Scott, we got to move on, though.